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Pioneer XDJ-700
  • Pioneer XDJ-700
  • Pioneer XDJ-700
  • Pioneer XDJ-700
  • Pioneer XDJ-700

Pioneer DJ XDJ-700

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The XDJ-700 comes with a large touchscreen, a familiar club layout and it inherits a host of features from its big brother, the XDJ-1000. Its compact size and removable stand offer great set-up possibilities for even the smallest booth or home set-up.

With support for our free rekordbox™ software you can prepare and manage your tracks on a PC or Mac before hitting the booth.


Pioneer’s XDJ-700 features a 7 inch, full colour touchscreen which offers not only intuitive access to the players extensive features but faster browsing using a QWERTY keyboard search function. Control over hot cues, auto loops and slip mode is made simple thanks to the clear responsive screen and for music analysed with Rekordbox you’ll be able to check on the vital statistics of your tracks with wave display, beat countdown, phase meter and key analysis indication all present.

If all of this wasn’t enough to convince you of the pedigree of the Pioneer XDJ-700 then there’s one more feature that might sway you, Pro DJ link! For the first time ever at this price point Pioneer have included their proprietary link up system, allowing up to four devices to share multiple sources as well as supplying data to compatible products.

 Main features

    • 1. 7 Inch, full colour touchscreen and fast, intuitive browsing

Thanks to some clever workflow optimisations the screen never becomes overcrowded with performance controls kept separate from browsing and playback functions thanks to three unique window views.

    • 2. Pro-DJ features inherited from top-flight players

Inheriting features from pro CDJ and XDJ products the XDJ-700 offers auto loops and hot cues, quantize, beat sync and slip mode.

    • 3. rekordbox-ready to give access to more features and enhanced track information

Tracks analysed using rekordbox will display wave display with up to 5x wave zoom, beat countdown, phase meter, key analysis indication and active loop.

    • 4. Pro DJ Link for enhanced flexibility and scope

Pro DJ Link means that DJs can connect up to four players or laptops via a LAN cable and share one source between them. rekordbox information can be shared across all four pieces of hardware, including the Beat Count, Phase Meter, Beat Sync and Key Analysis.

    • 5. Load and browse music using Wi-Fi or USB connection

In addition to USB keys, DJs can load rekordbox-ready music from PCs, laptops and smartphones using a USB or Wi-Fi connection. They simply connect a device running rekordbox (PC/Mac) or the rekordbox app (iOS/Android) to the XDJ-700 and then browse and load tracks from the device’s screen. Devices connected via USB will even be charged during performance.

    • 6. Compact design and removable stand
  • Other features
    • USB-HID control of rekordbox dj
    • Fully MIDI compatible
    • My Settings instantly loads DJs’ preferred rekordbox settings

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